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HANDE YENER - Kraliçe 2013 Club Edit
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Seksendört & Hande Yener - Öfkem Var

Hande Yener - Hasta - 2012

Hande Yener - Dön Bana

Hande Yener - Havaalanı


84 & Hande Yener - Rüya


HANDE YENER - Kraliçe 2013 Club Edit i had no idea they were gonna play this song on step up revolution, so i immediately started dancing during the scene. =)
why does it seem to resound an get better at 2: 30? l;ol
this is the first song i did a show with (years ago). i recently did blacklight with it...the vid is on my channel, check it out. peace
blows my mind that this has almost two million views, back in 2004 not too many folks knew who edit was, this album is still some of his best work
HANDE YENER - Kraliçe 2013 Club Edit this song has just been copied from the heartbeat of les twins..
i actually heard this back in high-school in 2008. throwback
this soundtrack can be perfect for finger tutting
hell yea! i do like this suicide sheep :) thanks again
some people came from the movie step up 4 revolution, i came from the finger tutting müzik :)
hey come check out my new vid! i danced to this song! just click my name and you should see it! thanks!!
if u like this style look up bonobo, telafon tel aviv, bluetech,
this is called idm/glitch not dubstep not glitchhop not wompywoo... im glad edits moving in this direction
i thought the first few notes in the beginning sounded like the theme of hyrule temple

hande yener hasta dinle may net,

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