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Özkan Özcan & Hüseyin Kağıt - Hayatı Tesbih Yapmışım 2012
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Özkan Özcan & Hüseyin Kağıt - Hayatı Tesbih Yapmışım 2012

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Özkan Özcan & Hüseyin Kağıt - Hayatı Tesbih Yapmışım 2012 remember what religion is for crazy psychos this conversation is over
pienso que alguna día la humanidad llegara a su fin, de mi te acuerdas.
ah so this is the movie thats made everyone go nuts!
well then...i guess i have tried everything. good day. i said good day.
Özkan Özcan & Hüseyin Kağıt - Hayatı Tesbih Yapmışım 2012 this movie is amazing, no metter what year it is, you idiots.
what a movie...i want to know what software they are editing..wew!!!
if the world ends im gona steal a goat, not a boat
god, when can i see a disaster movie that knocks down the statue of liberty?
i might sound cruel, but i really wish that would happen.
in my opinion we r destroying our own world to much hate and violence out there:/
the world will will not end this year it might in a millon years
thumbs up if you are gonna watch this in 2013 and say thumbs up if you are watchin in 2013
i am still here from 24 of december from the future, so ha! the himalayas was wrong and your wrong.
stop copying and pasting -.- learn to use your brain
when i have kids, i will show this movie to them and say.. ^^i survived that^^
Özkan Özcan & Hüseyin Kağıt - Hayatı Tesbih Yapmışım 2012 hun, at least get your facts straight before giving out a sarcastic comment. the water on earth is 97% salt, and barely %3 fresh. but how would you know that? your mind probably only consumes music, facebook, twitter, and all that crap. i pity you. :)

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